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Collection: Opple Lighting

OPPLE Lighting is a Chinese multinational lighting corporation headquartered in Shanghai, China. Founded in 1996, OPPLE is now the largest Chinese lighting company in terms of revenue. The firm's sales and service cover over 50 countries with over 30,000 sales outlets, with a diversified product portfolio ranging from consumer to professional products and from conventional to LED solutions.

Since 2001, OPPLE has begun expanding internationally with the opening of offices in 6 countries.

  • Asia Pacific:

- OPPLE Lahore, Pakistan Office - OPPLE New Delhi, India Office - OPPLE Bangkok, Thailand Office

  • Europe:

- OPPLE Eindhoven, Netherlands Office

  • Latin America:

- OPPLE Sao Paulo, Brazil Office

  • Middle East and Africa:

- OPPLE Dubai Office - OPPLE South Africa Office

OPPLE has provided lighting solutions to the governments of Uruguay, Thailand, South Africa and Egypt.