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SORAA Clearance Sale-
Every creature needs sunlight to survive. Therefore sunlight is the best for interior lighting.The current white LEDs from blue lights are completely different from sunlight. It lacks violet, blue-green and deep red. The paintings in the art exhibition may appear to have different colors than the originals because of the lights being used. SORAA lighting products uses violet color lighting. The white LED using violet is the only light that can portray full spectrum, every possible color that exists, just as under the sun. SORAA is the answer for all your problems with natural lighting in the interiors.
Soraa is redefining the way industry leaders evaluate color and white to make all spaces, objects and people look their best.By taking a balanced approach when developing LED technology, SORAA makes it possible to render rich colors and shades of white as accurately as light found in nature.
SORAA clearance sale-
Few marvelous lighting installation Projects by SORAA:
1. Soraa’s LED lamps were selected to illuminate Mika Aoki’s stunning glass arts exhibition at the POLA MUSEUM ANNEX in Tokyo, Japan.
2. The Gravity club chose Soraa’s LED lamps for all its downlighting needs, as well as for spotlights throughout the space.
3. Crosswater showrooom's swirling walkway has approximately 5,800 hand-blown glass spheres that hang from the ceiling and are perfectly
illuminated by Soraa’s LED lamps
4. The SORAA lamps shine down onto the tables displaying the wines of the cellar and create a wonderful atmosphere in the unique space of Berry Bros & Rudd
5. Duman’s images are illuminated for perfect rendering of colors and whiteness because of Soraa’s Violet-Emission 3-Phosphor (VP₃) LED technology.
6. Hotel Stage used Soraa LED lamps as they render all materials with true color. understands your need of bright and positive lighting, to cheer up the mood in this pandemic. Therefore we have put up the stimulating "SORAA CLERANCE SALE", where you can find amazing SORAA products and original SORAA parts at jaw dropping prices.Save a lot like never before, over SORAA lighting fixtures at
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